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Top Questions To Ask Your Concrete Contractor

Top Questions To Ask Your Concrete Contractor has been dedicated to the professional installation and repair of residential concrete construction. We pride ourselves on our track record and reputation for Quality Service, Competitive Pricing and On-Time Service. Our reputation for excellence throughout the Lower Mainland is the pride and lifeblood of our business. With our resources of highly experienced and trained professionals, along with our extensive infrastructure, we are able to staff and complete Any Project of Any Size.

We know there are many options for concrete installers in the Lower Mainland, with many varying in cost and experience. But before you choose a company to complete your concrete job, here are a few questions you should be asking…

  • Do you complete the whole job or do you “sub-out”?

To make up for limited resources, concrete contractors may rely on other businesses or individuals outside their organization to handle some of the tasks in the concrete pouring process. Unfortunately, when this happens, standards can be decreased, time can be lost and additional fees can pop up leaving your job open to quality issues and a poor experience. handles your entire job from start to finish ensuring that standards are maintained; there are no surprises when it comes to costs, and time to completion is not reliant on an additional company’s schedule.

  • Do you do the demolition?

Again, outsourced demolition can add significant delays and additional costs that can be passed on to you.

  • Do you handle the removal of the old concrete?

Concrete removal is a hard job, one that takes a lot of time and resources. Avante Concrete has its own fleet of dump trucks to ensure that the removal of your old concrete is disposed of quickly and efficiently.

  • Does your quote include gravel?

Concrete should never be poured directly onto bare ground as it does not make for a strong base and foundation. To ensure a proper foundation with which to pour, a layer of gravel is applied before the reinforcement and concrete is laid. applies at least 2 inches of gravel before the concrete is placed.

  • Do you use quality concrete?

Avante Concrete uses quality concrete supplied by credible concrete providers.

  • What tactics do you use to prevent cracking?

Cracking will happen to your concrete purely due to the nature of the product. That said, there are ways to limit the amount of cracking that can occur. Cut lines are placed to release pressure and limit cracking but require patience, a steady hand and attention to detail. While most companies do apply cut lines, Avante Concrete applies them at a minimum every 10X10 square to ensure a strong balance between esthetics and functionality. Our concrete finishers are experts who understand that proper cut lines make or break a quality concrete job.

  • What do you use for reinforcement?

Concrete is strong but reinforcement is necessary to make it even stronger and mitigate any cracking that can occur. Depending on the job, Avante Concrete uses either wire mesh or steel rebar to reinforce your concrete.

  • How long have you been in business?